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Mary J. Blige On Her Divorce: ‘I Made Him My Everything’ [Watch the FULL Interview]

talks divorce*Mary J. Blige’s divorce from her husband of 12 years has been the topic of headlines since the initial announcement last year.

Now the singer is breaking her silence about the moment she realized her marriage to Kendu Isaacs was over. Blige sat down with radio personality Angie Martinez to share her story, and when Angie complimented Mary on her looking and seeming good, she said:

“I got to keep loving myself regardless of who don’t love me no more.”

Below are more highlights from their interview:

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Going on tour in the midst of the divorce.

Angie, I needed that. I needed to be somewhere other than home thinking about all this foolishness. These lawyers and this and that, just all this stupidity. I needed to be somewhere where I can vent and express myself and use my music as my own therapy and get some energy back from the fans. I needed that love and I was telling them every night.

And I’m still in it. It’s just getting worse. It really is not getting better. More b.s., more nonsense more lies, more denial, more stupidity. I can’t even believe it’s this bad. It should be over by now but, you know… the games that are being played. It’s because of everything that’s happening in court.

He has the power to make it all go away if he just would stop demanding what he’s demanding. And that’s not fair to me because he doesn’t deserve what he’s demanding. Why do I have to pay you? And why do you think you deserve this amount of money? Why do you think you deserve any money? You didn’t make me. You’re not God. So I have to pay you for being my husband and being my manager. You say you helped me. Yeah you helped but you didn’t build this career. I was Mary J. Blige before I even met you. So that’s no fair of you so this is the sickness.

Does she think he’s entitled to anything?

Why would he be entitled to something? Because he’s used to living the way he used to live? Why else would he think he was entitled to something? Because if you did what you did because you love me and you manage me because you love me and you rock with me as my husband because you love me, why should I have to pay you now?

His demands

I saw the list. The list that comes through is the list that comes from the lawyer. He signs it. Whatever he signs go to these courtrooms and you got TMZ and all these different reporters down there and once they see it, they get it and it’s out into the public. I saw this list and I was like, ‘I can’t believe this. I can’t believe you’re trying to stick me up.’ No disrespect to his family at all but I’m not responsible for them. I don’t have any children with you and I’m not responsible for anything else with you anymore.
I don’t owe you anything. It’s not fair. So this is very mean.

Where she messed up. 

Unfortunately, he was my everything and you can’t make a person your everything, Because you giving em too much power. You giving him God’s power. And this is why things like this happen. I just gave him way to much but I gave him all of that so he can feel comfortable in the company of my peers and when he comes around he’s not just Mary J. Blige’s husband. That’s why I gave him everything I gave him. I made him my everything and I wanted people to know about it because he was somebody I liked and thought was my friend. I enjoyed being around him so I was like, I want the world to see this. I want the world to know who you are and know about you. When I love you I love you. I loved him. When I love you, I give like way too much. But I’ll never do that again. I won’t give that much every again. He f*cked it up for everybody.

Will she ever get married again?

Right now? No. I will never get married again.

Peep the full interview via the clip below:

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