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Kim Kardashian criticized for photo of Saint West’s front-facing carseat

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Kim Kardashian has come back into the spotlight over the past few weeks, mostly because she debuted her new makeup line and she had do some promotion for it. The promotion worked too – the contouring kits are already sold out. They sold out in the first day/hours of going on sale. So now no one can Kontour Like Kim. Anyway, Kim’s resurgence has also included posting photos of her kids on social media, like the photo above, of little Saint West, which Kim posted to her Facebook over the weekend. Saint now looks so much like a West, when previously he looked all-Kardashian. Anyway, because she posted this photo on Facebook, the judgy mom patrol came out in full force to tell her that the carseat should be rear-facing. Judgy moms will judge everything.

Also: Kim is doing a poll on Twitter to name North’s new puppy. I kind of think North should be allowed to name her own puppy without mama making it into a Twitter poll, but I still voted. I voted for Baby Jesus, because I’m amazed that’s one of the options.

I would be happy with Baby Jesus Kardashian-West for a dog. I would also accept Sushi Kardashian-West. Sushi West is actually a cool name for a dog, and if Kim isn’t going to use it, I might adopt a dog or cat and name them Sushi West.

Also: here’s a photo of Kanye West outside of Khloe Kardahsian’s surprise birthday party last night. Kim wasn’t there?? Maybe the party was such a surprise that even Kim didn’t know about it. Or maybe Kanye went in Kim’s place? I have no idea. I sort of wonder how much time Kim and Kanye are even spending together these days.

Kanye West shows off his smile at Khloe Kardashian's birthday celebration

Photos courtesy of Kim’s Facebook and BACKGRID.


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