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Blake Lively spent her 30th birthday surrounded by cakes, tartes & baked goods

The more I actively ignore Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, the more I like them. Do you know what I’m saying? They’re perfectly fine, even charming and cool, in small doses. I general don’t read all of those stupid articles about “The 22 Times Ryan and Blake Were Perfect” or “The 100 Times Blyan Were #CoupleGoals.” I don’t know what possessed me over the weekend, but I did end up clicking on one of those “Ryan hilariously trolls his wife on social media” stories and… yeah, I’ll admit it, I laughed. Ryan posted the above Instagram as the perfect way to celebrate Blake’s 30th birthday. I love it. It’s perfect.

Anyway, I did want to discuss Blake’s 30th birthday party. She had dinner with her girlfriends, including Lorraine Schwartz and Anna Kendrick. The birthday dinner ended up with TWO desserts: a chocolate drip cake and a small chocolate tart. THANK YOU. Thank you, Blake Lively, for not ordering a birthday FRUIT PLATE. Thank you for not celebrating your birthday by merely looking at a cake, a la Posh Beckham.

And look at all of the food swag she got for her birthday too:

Photos courtesy of Instagram, WENN.


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