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After LeBron Lost Sunday Night’s Game He Lost His Cool – Is He a Sore Loser? (VIDEO)

*We don’t really know for sure, but if speculation is correct, LeBron James took the Cleveland Cavaliers’ loss to the Boston Celtics in game 3 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals real, real hard.

In addition to not taking the “L” hard, Bron Bron had a fan kicked out of the arena and would later scold a reporter who asked a very logical question.

Yep, from the outside, it’s obvious that Sunday night’s game IN CLEVELAND of all places was a tough one for James who is not used to losing not only regular season games, but playoff games in particular.

It was probably even more shocking to him and the team because  it came after the Cavs annihilated the Celtics during Friday night’s game 130 – 86.

As far as the incident with the fan, we can only assume it was because the guy heckled the Cavaliers superstar, so he played his “I’m LeBron James, Superstar” card and had the fan dismissed from Quicken Loans Arena.

Specifically, here’s what happened. LeBron was about to walk into the interview room when some dude went in on him for only putting up 11 points.


lebron james - ponting

LeBron turned around and asked him to repeat what he said. So, the fan did. Suddenly, LeBron started walking towards the heckler and asked him what has he ever done. The so-called fan went on to say he played ball at Hiram College, a school in Hiram, Ohio. At this point, security steps in and the fan was removed. Oh yeah, we say the guy is a “so-called fan” ’cause when have you ever heard of a real fan heckling his team’s star player?

After James made it to the interview room, his mood was still stanky. The bottom line is he only had 11 points in the game, of which only three came in the second half as he went 1-of-9 shooting and had an unusual vanishing act when his team needed him the most. When asked by a reported about his performance, his response wcould only be called terse

“I had a tough game, period. Not just in the second half,” James said. “I didn’t have it. That’s all I’ve got to say about my performance.”

He he then scolded the reporter for only “asking questions” when they lose.


Damn, LeBron, we understand you don’t like to lose, but with your actions, you look like a real sore loser. Man up, dude!

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